•  4 Poles motor (50 or 60 Hertz)
  •  Direct transmission.
  •  Low or High pressure working
  •  Grinding chamber made of high thickness steel (mm. 12)
  •  Bi-Directional working of the mill rotor to allow the double rotation of the hammers beating surfaces
  •  No. 80 hammers made of hardened steel usable on their 4 surfaces
  •  No. 4 grids with high performance drilling
  •  Grids fast replacement device through lateral extraction of the four frames
  •  Basement supplied with vibration damping supports


  • Drum Feeder with destoner device
  •  Magnetic channel for ferrous pieces holding
  •  Flours conveying mechanical line (Low Pressure)
  •  Flours conveying pneumatic line (High Pressure)
  •  Control Panel
  •  Frequency converter for mill rotor RPM variation
  •  Feeder electronic adjustment
  •  Execution in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE