Endless innovation

Beccaria's entrepreneurial skills accelerated the company's development: the passion for building agricultural machinery expanded into the design of industrial plants. The handicraft activity takes on a purely industrial character. The experience gained in the field projects Beccaria Srl into a modern production structure, with the skills of qualified technicians and personnel, designating it as the most authoritative partner for the manufacture of equipment and plants, with an eye constantly on the future.

What we do



Each sector requires precise processing: the treatment of raw materials requires attention to the smallest detail. Thanks to our studies and experience, we design lines and plants adapted to the various types of use, to guarantee quality and efficiency.



Following careful analysis and after gathering the necessary data, we proceed with the complete construction of the previously planned plant. With our expertise, we build plants for storage, conveying, dosing, mixing and grinding in various industries. We are also able to ensure an immediate supply of spare parts, thanks to the in-house production of each component.



Through the work of qualified technicians, we proceed to the assembly of the finished project. Our qualified personnel study the ideal procedure for both internal and external assembly.



We are familiar with all the components of our creations, which is why we guarantee routine and extraordinary maintenance of our projects, to ensure that your plant is always as efficient as possible.


Where we operate


Milling industry

We build plants for storing, transporting, grinding, dosing and mixing the most varied products of the milling industry.


Food Industry

Plants for the food industry affect finished food production companies: they are structured for storage, transport, dosing and mixing.



The construction equipment designed by Beccaria Srl stands out in terms of robustness, versatility and reliability: recognised by all our customers.


Chemical Industry

The chemical industry sector includes plants for: paint production, leather tanning, bicarbonate production, toothpaste, MATER-BI (bioplastic) processing, solvent production.


Feed mills and Pet Food

Feed production plants include the following stages: raw material storage, dosing, mixing, cooling and final storage.


Plastic recycling

The plastic recycling sector required special arrangements: plants designed for the feed industry were productive for plastic processing, thanks to innovative ideas.


Wood pelleting

We participate in the wood processing process with our mills, in the grinding and refining; with our conveying systems we feed pellet mills made by specialised companies.


Finished granules production

Once the extrusion line has produced the finished granule, our machinery moves into the final part of the process for its sifting, transport and mixing, and final storage.



Our certifications

Over the years, Beccaria Srl has acquired significant certifications that demonstrate the company's growth in its field of expertise and its dedication to the environment.


Beccaria in the World

With a development that began in the 1960s with fairs and markets, today Beccaria srl operates in several global markets. Italy has the largest share of the market, so as not to forget our roots and the place where we were born. At European level, the Beccaria name is known in almost all countries, especially France, Belgium, Holland and Great Britain. Outside Europe, we have reached the market of the American continent with great success. We also operate in Africa and the Arab countries. The development and expansion are due to a market strategy capable of overcoming even difficult times. The new generation of the Beccaria family has brought further development to the company: we have obtained the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate, the mark of quality and reliability issued to companies by the Customs Consulting Service.