Every story
has its beginning

A story that began with a challenge. It all began in 1952 when, to meet the needs of a farmer friend, Domenico Beccaria built a brand new machine, exceeding all expectations. The machine was named 'Invincible': the first hammer mill. The mill he devised was an immediate and lasting success thanks to its ability to grind the product without diluting it. It still plays an important role today in the agricultural field and in the grinding of different cereals for the production of animal feed.

Every story
has its own evolution

The Invincible mill, in name and in fact, continues to be sold. Today, it has been developed with the same basic operation as the original: the new models have gone from 6, 8, 12 hammers to 16, 24, 36. In 2000, the largest mill ever, with 80 hammers, was developed with reduced revolutions and a larger diameter rotor. Originally developed for grinding cereals for livestock use, today hammer mills are also used in other sectors such as the food industry and in the grinding of wood chips for the production of wood pellets. Beccaria finds solutions for every customer need, while maintaining a high level of quality.


from Scarnafigi
and arrived
all over the world

The Beccaria brand expands at trade fairs and markets. Domenico Beccaria's entrepreneurial spirit propelled the company to a knowledge outside the territory: the presentation of projects brought new customers and possible users closer. Direct knowledge of the customer allowed the Beccaria name to develop rapidly in Italy and abroad. Reaching the foreign market is, for Beccaria, a starting point towards new goals and the stimulus to improve over time.

sound corporate values

Beccaria's philosophy is based on three terms: care, service and customer satisfaction. The ability to provide the customer with the most suitable solution according to their needs, which are not always conscious, with the certainty of assigning a durable good for the present and the future. The overall study, detail development processes, assembly, testing and after-sales service make each machine unique: recognisable and monitored over time thanks to automated management. The values that represent us are: experience, reliability, ethics and innovation.


without end

Endless innovation is the essence of Beccaria Srl. We have reached the milestone of seventy years in business: starting out as a small workshop, we soon grew and developed, crossing the narrow local borders. Today, Beccaria is increasingly looking abroad, thanks to the entrepreneurial ability with which we distinguish ourselves, capable of grasping the needs of the market and succeeding in satisfying the diverse and targeted demands of customers. Endless innovation is the prerequisite that will accompany the new challenges, with the will to offer the best solution to our customers, because we are not only suppliers but also interlocutors capable of responding to every need.

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We are Beccaria


The story of our family, our company, our values. Inside the monograph you can browse through pages in which we tell where we started and what goals we set for the future. Representations of the factory and some of our achievements perfectly convey the essence of Beccaria srl. Rapid development has led us to operate in several parts of the world, while maintaining the family principle that unites all employees and the people who work for us.