ISO 9001:2015 certification

Beccaria S.r.l. has always pursued the objective of creating quality while maintaining the professionalism that has distinguished it over the years and guaranteeing the full satisfaction of its customers. For the Company, the meaning of quality lies in the set of factors that must contribute to the excellence of the product and service, starting from Research and Development, through employees’ training, without forgetting the safety of the environment, including that of work, and concluding with customers’ orientation. This perseverance has been attested through the quality recognition according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, of which the Company obtained the certification in 2024 regarding the design and manufacturing of plants, machinery, and equipment for storage, transportation, grinding, dosing, and mixing of bulk materials.

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Certification EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011

Following the mandatory nature of EN 1090 certification from July 2014 for all manufacturers of steel or aluminium structural components and for metal carpentry works that create structures or parts of metal structures to be installed, Beccaria S.r.l. has adopted a system that qualifies its manufacturing requirements to obtain the CE conformity marking. This system was attested in August 2015, when the Company obtained the EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 certification for the execution of steel and aluminium structures, up to and including the EXC3 execution class.



AEOC authorisation

In August 2021 Beccaria S.r.l. has obtained AEOC authorization (AEO/customs simplifications). As an economic operator that intervenes in the international supply chain and that, during its commercial activities, takes part in activities governed by customs regulation, the Company requested this authorization to qualify itself positively compared to other operators, considering itself reliable and safe in the supply chain. This was possible because the Company demonstrated compliance with customs and tax regulations and the absence of business-related serious crimes; possession of an effective management system for commercial and transport records; financial solvency; appropriate practical standards of competence and professional qualifications.


Adoption of organisation and management model and code of ethics (Legislative Decree 231/2001)

Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231 introduced in Italy the regulation of the administrative liability of legal persons, companies, and associations even without legal personality, which are therefore exposed to direct administrative liability, in relation to certain crimes, expressly provided for by the Law, committed on their own advantage or interest from internal and/or external corporate entities in the exercise of various business activities. Considering this regulatory panorama, the Legislator has introduced a specific cause of non-punishment in favour of legal persons, companies, and associations even without legal personality, consisting of the adoption and implementation of an organization and management model. For these reasons, Beccaria S.r.l. has decided to adopt such a model in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. This adoption represents an opportunity to guarantee greater and adequate correctness and transparency of the Company’s business and activities, as well as to affirm the policy aimed at achieving better standards according to the ethical principles in which the Company has always believed.


Compliance of materials and articles intended for food contact

Materials and articles intended to come into direct or indirect contact with food shall be produced in compliance with good manufacturing practice so that, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use, they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could endanger human health; bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food; bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof. Furthermore, the labelling, advertising, and presentation of a material or article shall not mislead the consumers. The objective is therefore to protect consumers’ health and to minimize or avoid contamination along the entire supply chain. For its products aimed at the food industry, Beccaria S.r.l. is able to guarantee the compliance of the parts intended to come into contact with food with European regulations (EC) no. 1935/2004; (EC) no. 2023/2006; (EU) 2020/1245; Resolution CM/Res (2013), as well as with the Italian regulations Ministerial Decree March 21, 1973; Presidential Decree 23 August 1982, no. 777; Legislative Decree 25 January 1992, no. 108; Ministerial Decree 11 November 2013, no. 140; Ministerial Decree 9 May 2019, no. 72. This is guaranteed by the declaration of compliance, through which the quality of the materials and articles is guaranteed in all phases of the production process, and through which “the traceability of materials and articles shall be ensured at all stages in order to facilitate control, the recall of defective products, consumer information and the attribution of responsibility.”


Beccaria S.r.l. boasts skilled and proven management of welding processes consolidated over decades of production. These procedures are currently coordinated by an external welding coordinator and an internal welding supervisor and put into practice thanks to numerous highly specialized and constantly updated operators, in possession of the welder qualification certificate in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2017 standard. Furthermore, Company’s personnel can conduct non-destructive tests (penetrant liquids and visual inspection) being in possession of the level 2 certificate according to the UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 standard.